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We are Chinese lawyers. We are experienced in deal with family law disputes, including but not limited: divorce, child custody, property division and so on. According to Chinese law, divorce is never easy in china. We know the tendencies of the various judges in your jurisdiction and should be able to use this knowledge to your advantage. Our law firm can help you to make the divorce process faster and strive for your interest. Our services including but not limited as follows: Divorce Plan Suggestion Marital Assets Division Alimony/Spousal Support Child Custody Child Support Child Visitation Divorce by Consent Divorce Agreement Draft Divorce by Litigation Appear in Court Court Mediation Participation Enforcement of Judgment/Settlement Recognition and Execution of Foreign Marriage/Divorce Judgments

The divorce procedure is so complicated in china, but we can provide fast divorce service that you can have a final divorce as soon as possible with our Service.

There are two ways of divorce in China: Divorce by Agreement   and Divorce by Litigation .

Divorce by Agreement 

If the parties agree through consultation, they can agree to divorce. But there is a 30-day cooling-off period for an agreed divorce. As stipulated in the Civil Code:

Article 1076   Where both husband and wife intend to get divorced voluntarily, they shall sign a written divorce agreement and shall apply for divorce registration in person to the marriage registration authority. The divorce agreement shall set forth both parties’ intention of voluntary divorce and consensus on matters of children upbringing, property and debt settlement through consultation.

Article 1077   If, within 30 days after the marriage registration bureaus receive the divorce registration applications, any of the parties does not want to get divorced, he/she may withdraw the divorce registration applications from the marriage registration bureaus. Within 30 days after the expiration of the above prescribed period, both parties shall in person apply to the marriage registration bureaus for the issuance of divorce certificates; those who fail to make the application shall be deemed to have withdrawn the application.

Article 1078  The marriage registration office, after clearly establishing that both parties desire divorce voluntarily and have reached unanimity through consultation in matters of child rearing and property management and the handling of debts, shall grant registration and issue the divorce certificates.

If you don’t know how to write a divorce agreement, please contact our lawyer for advice.

Divorce by Litigation 

If both men and women cannot reach an agreement by consensus, they can only go to a court with jurisdiction to sue for divorce. The court will grant divorce under any of the following circumstances:

Article 1079 If one party alone desires a divorce, the organization concerned may carry out mediation or the party may directly file a divorce suit in a People’s Court. In dealing with a divorce case, the people’s court should carry out mediation; divorce shall be granted if mediation fails because mutual affection no longer exists. In any of the following circumstances, divorce shall be granted if mediation fails: (I) Bigamy or cohabitation with another person; (II) where one party indulges in family violence or maltreats or abandons family members; or (III) gambling, drug taking and other bad habits do not change after repeated education; (IV) having separated from each other for two full years for lack of mutual affection; (V) other circumstances leading to the shattering of affection between husband and wife. Where one party is declared to be missing and the other party starts divorce proceedings, divorce shall be granted.

Where, after the People’s Court has made a judgment that divorce shall not be granted, both parties live apart for another year and one party files a divorce suit again, divorce shall be granted.


1、客户与我们律师事务所签订委托代理合同、授权委托书,并交纳律师费。 To sign the contract and the power of attorney with our law firm and pay attorney fees. 2、律师为客户起草起诉状及整理证据材料。 The lawyer drafts the civil compliant and collates the evidence materials. 3、客户签署起诉状,律师到法院起诉。 The client signs the civil compliant and submits to the lawyer, then the lawyer goes to court to sue. 4、法院受理案件,等待开庭。 The court accepts the case and then waiting for the hearing.

5、法院开庭审理,并作出判决。 The court hear the case and made a judgment.


►结婚容易离婚难 ►离婚耗时长 ►外国财产无法处理或执行 ►抚养费或许无法执行 ►涉外离婚方式选择 ►涉外离婚和国内离婚不同,一般需要通过诉讼方式解决,即使双方都是协商好的情形,如果双方均是外国人或者婚姻登记地在国外,也须到法院才可以解决。


►在国外的结婚证书必须经所在国公证并经中国驻该国使领馆进行认证后,中国法院才予以认可其法律效力。 ►如何选择离婚管辖法院 ►到法院起诉需要准备哪些法律文件 ►孩子是外国国籍如何处理抚养权 ►抚养费如何计算如何执行 ►在外国的财产法院是否处理 ►外国离婚判决涉及在中国财产的处理是否有效 ►一方在国外起诉离婚,另一方是否还可以在中国起诉离婚 ►双方均是外籍中国法院是否受理 ►涉外离婚究竟需要多长时间 ►不知道外国一方的居住地址如何起诉 ►涉外离婚传票等法律文书如何送达 ►公告送达需要多长时间 ►缺席审理可以判决离婚吗 ►诉状、传票、应诉通知、举证通知需要翻译吗 ►在国外达成的离婚协议是否有效 ►外国离婚判决在中国认可吗 ►如何申请承认外国离婚判决 ►如何申请承认外国离婚调解书 ►涉外离婚如何聘请律师


原告起诉 1.法院管辖:被告的户籍所在地法院。 当事人提起的离婚诉讼,原则上由被告住所地人民法院管辖。但在下述情况下,采用特殊的地域管辖: ①被告离开住所地超过一年的,由原告住所地人民法院管辖;双方离开住所地超过一年的,由被告经常居住地人民法院管辖,没有经常居住地的由原告起诉时居住地的人民法院管辖。 ②被告下落不明或者宣告失踪的,由原告住所地人民法院管辖;原告住所地与经常居住地不一致的,由原告经常居住地人民法院管辖。 ③被告被劳动教养或者被监禁的,由原告住所地人民法院管辖;原告住所地与经常居住地不一致的,由原告经常居住地人民法院管辖。 ④非军人对非文职军人提起离婚诉讼由原告住所地人民法院管辖;双方当事人都是军人的,由被告住所地或者被告所在的团级以上单位驻地的人民法院管辖。 ⑤被告不在中华人民共和国领域内居住的,由原告住所地人民法院管辖;原告住所地与经常居住地不一致的,由原告经常居住地人民法院管辖。 ⑥中国公民双方在国外但未定居,一方向人民法院起诉离婚的,由原告或者被告原住所地的人民法院管辖。 不予受理的情形 ①女方在怀孕期间、分娩后一年内或中止妊娠后六个月内,男方提出离婚诉讼的; ②判决不准离婚和调解和好的离婚案件,没有新情况、新理由,原告在六个月内又起诉的; ③原告撤诉或者按撤诉处理的离婚案件,没有新情况、新理由,六个月内又起诉的。

2.离婚起诉书 ①原告的姓名、性别、年龄、民族、职业、工作单位、住所、联系方式,被告的姓名、性别、年龄、民族、职业、工作单位、住所、联系方式。 ②陈述主要的婚姻状况、离婚理由以及诉讼请求。 ③证据和证据来源,证人姓名和住所。

法院立案 在起诉后,法院法院将予以立案。

提交证据 诉讼当事人应尽量收集抚养权、夫妻财产、债务和对方当事人的过错等相关证据。

法院调解 ①法院在审理离婚案件的时候,应当进行调解,根据现有的证据进行调和或者调离。 ②法院调解和好的离婚案件,没有新情况、新理由,原告在六个月内又起诉的,不予受理。(注意:被告是不受限制的) ③对生效的离婚调解不服的,不能申请再审,只能就有关的财产分割和子女抚育问题申请再审。

开庭审理 法院确定了开庭审理的相关事宜后,会送达传票给原被告,通知开庭的时间、地点。 审限:离婚案件适用简易程序的审理期限为3个月,适用一般程序的审理期限为6个月。

法院判决 ①法院依照原告方的诉讼请求和双方提交的证据情况对是否准予离婚,以及如何分割财产,子女抚养问题如何解决等问题作出判决。 ②判决书送达15日内,当事人没有提起上诉的,判决书生效。 ③离婚判决在生效前,双方不得另行登记结婚。 ④判决离婚的案件中,原告在没有新情况、新理由,6个月内又起诉离婚的,法院是不予受理的。


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赵律师擅长处理疑难婚姻财产分割及家庭纠纷案件,以及涉外婚姻纠纷案件,代理多起疑难离婚继承案件以及涉外离婚案件。在家庭财产分割、婚姻房产、房产分割诉讼、子女抚养、遗嘱纠纷、离婚的判定标准等结合司法实践有丰富的办经验。 赵律师办理的涉外婚姻案件(包括来自美国、澳大利亚、英国、法国、新加坡、日本、荷兰、香港等数十个国家和地区的华侨及外国人委托的案件),知音杂志社、上海楼市等多家媒体都曾对赵律师承办的案件做过报道。赵律师办案过程中和欧美、澳洲、港澳台等地律师建立了广泛的合作关系。 赵律师办理诸多涉外疑难离婚案件,都得以圆满解决。如在某区的两个外籍人在上海离婚诉讼案件,某区法院以不符合受理要求为由不予受理,后经上海高级人民法院指定受理。再如美国离婚判决处理大陆房产案件,在中国被不予承认案例等,在涉外离婚案件领域积累了丰富的实践经验。


协议离婚、 诉讼离婚、 财产分割、子女抚养…… 



  你是否被这些问题困扰?Do you have these divorce problems?

  • 离婚财产分配不公?
  • Unfair division of divorce property?
  • 孩子抚养权争夺?
  • Fighting for custody of the child?
  • 房产分割?
  • House division dispute?
  • 公司股权分割?
  • Equity division dispute?
  • 离婚债务纠纷?
  • Debt settlement disputes?
  • 涉外离婚无法找到对方联系方式
  • Foreign-related divorce can not find the other party’s specific contact information?
  • 涉外离婚困难重重无法解决?
  • Foreign-related marriage is a long way off?

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